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About George,

Veteran and First Responder

George Buck is a father of two. His son is a Professional Firefighter and has a lovely wife Rachel, my daughter-in-law is a Nurse.  My Daughter, Taylor is studying at USFSP to become a Middle School Math Teacher. A Veteran and Firefighter (Ret), Professor/Author. He is a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-business conservative who has demonstrated energetic leadership, clarity of vision and a passion for service. George is a proven servant-leader who will represent our 13th District and will lead in unifying Washington.

George's "boots on the ground" vision and interaction, holds the trust of personal and professional relationships at many levels of Pinellas, Local, State, and Federal as well as international officials.

With this brief summary below, George knows the impact of outside forces that can affect our local communities and what it takes to build a strong, resilient economies. 

The start of his history of service began in small town in Eastern Long Island, New York. Following a tradition of public service in the firefighting community starting with his Great Grandfather, Great Uncle, and Father. His son is carrying on this tradition as a professional firefighter.

George's service to the community began as a junior firefighter at the age of 14! His fire service career spans military and civilian firefighter, starting as a volunteer, joined the U.S. Army, trained and served as a crash rescue firefighter, with the elite 101st Airborne Division. Honorably discharged, George then joined the U.S Air Force Reserves, again, as a firefighter. After 3 years with the USAF, he enlisted into the Florida National Guard cross trained as an operational intelligence analyst (during the Persian Gulf War One era). 

After active duty military service, pursued the family tradition of public service as a first responder. During this time, he pursued and obtained Associates and Bachelors degrees, along with a Masters and PhD.  His service ended upon a duty related injury, but not his desire to help educate and train others.

As an educator at Saint Petersburg College, he took over the fire science program,  developed, wrote and implemented the first emergency management degree program in the State of Florida. Obtaining a federal grant, he designed, developed and implemented the first training center in the nation for preparing first responders in the event of terrorist attacks, called "The National Terrorism Preparedness Institute", still in operation today.

At the University of South Florida College of Public Health, became an assistant professor, teaching Ideology of National and International Terrorism, taking on additional duties with the Center of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Action. Also served as co-founder for "The Center for Biological Terrorism Defense."  He also designed, wrote and implemented a masters level certificate program in Emergency Management.

After his career in academia, he transitioned to consulting in the field of emergency/ terrorism management. During this time he authored and published six books on these subjects, many still being used today in the education system. 

George has used his cumulative experience to manage catastrophic events such as the Indian Ocean Tsunami, being one of the first four Americans on the ground in Banda Acha to establish relief operations of the largest disaster in world history. Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Frances, terrorist attacks domestic and international. With theses experiences, assisted in policy development at the Local, State, Federal and International levels, such as the United Nations.

He has worked many projects with Department of State, Department of Defense, and The State of Florida and municipalities; Florida National Guard, FEMA, SOCOM, SOUTHCOM, NORTHCOM, and a wide array of local state and federal political officials, demonstrating in times of crisis he can be counted on for  knowledge and expertise.



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