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Please!   Host a session to allow you to share your concerns about your Family, Employment, Business, Right to Worship, along with your overall rights and  issues with Pinellas County, Florida and the United States (positive and negative).

As you share your issues, I will ask for solutions and share my views on how we can address them that affect you and your neighbors.

With your assistance in hosting an event, it will allow me to enrich my campaign as your future Congressman to better serve you in Pinellas County.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with making Pinellas, Florida and America even Greater.

PS: My philosophy is: If one recognizes a problem and doesn't have a solution, then they become part of the problem.

Throughout my life and career, whether during day-to-day life events or responding to disasters and catastrophic incidents, I always ask the person(s) or group(s) who identify a situation for their solutions. So be prepared to have an free and open dialogue. All views will be heard and no person(s) or group(s) will disrupt the right of the people. 

George Buck

PO Box 7081

St Petersburg, Fl 33734


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