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Our Issues

My reason to continue my VA healthcare is the people and professionals supporting and providing healthcare -they are truly good people. Hence, it's the bureaucracy that must and WILL need to change. I'm only one congressman, but I'm going to give it hell towards  positive outcomes for Vets and healthcare for average Americans. How? By partnering with other members in congress to introduce new ,viable, realistic ideas for healthcare.

Where can one get the best "behind the scenes" information on American's VA Healthcare? Honest information from Veterans to a Veteran!

As a Veteran receiving care, I will be able to gather honest feedback to address issues from staff and patients to develop positive outcomes for America's heroes. I will never go behind anyone's back, even the VA Administration. I and my staff will be up front to collaborate for positive enhancements.

The main reason for not prioritizing the issues below is one must pick your battles, read the group and always use child psychology with dealing with Congress. I will address all issues as the circumstances permit. Pinellas County and America issues will be addressed.

My promise to you is simple.One, I will still use VA Bay Pines while home and two, I will never promise anything I cannot deliver...

Issues close to my heart. (Not in alphabetical or numerical)

  • Your issues come first, please do let me know.
  • Veterans Affairs, I personally have had an appeal in for the past seven years, I feel your pain.
  • Health Care
  • Protecting Social Security and Medicare- using it for its intended purposes, and not a Government slush fund.
  • Jobs, entrepreneur development
  • Business sustainability and growth
  • New industries/research in Pinellas County and our area
  • The Environment, I believe we have reached a good point with renewable energy technology- however, we have out grown battery technology and clean energy storage.  We as a nation, still need to continue to support the free market entrepreneurship, research and production of this technology . An aggressive program is needed to design and build storage for of all the clean energy the good Lord has provided Earth. I will making  the challenge and will support Pinellas County to be a leader for  storage development and production of clean energy technology.
  • Lowering taxes by making our Government officials accountable for their out-of-control spending. No longer asking you to support their irresponsible spending, You don't spend like that at home, why should we. 
  • National Security
  • Returning Education to the States.
  • Fixing our broken immigration system and chain migration. Many immigrants  have proceeded legally in the past, present, and will in the future. America welcomes all that are willing to adhere to American ways of life and laws. 
  • De-funding Planned parenthood abortion program and enhance it's original mission of providing outstanding woman's healthcare.
  • Empowering and enhancing America's Bill of Rights including our 1st and 2nd amendments.
  • Ending Obama's appeasement policy with Cuba.

Committee to Elect George Buck, PhD
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